Relaxing From Stress

  • Brahmi-Gotu Kola (Bio powder)

    Tonic, improves memory and mental function.
  • Catuaba (powder)

    Aphrodisiac, relieves pain, increases energy, improves memory, soothes nerves.
  • For Anxiety with Catuaba – Rhodiola Rosea – Ashwagandha (60 capsules – 500mg)

    The most effective herbs for depression, anxiety and stress.
  • For Stress

    Handle everyday stress and anxiety naturally.
  • Lucuma (Bio powder)

    'Gold of the Incas'.
  • Passion Flower

    According to traditional medicine, passion flower has sedative-hypnotic properties.
  • Valerian (root)

    Many studies have shown the efficacy of valerian in treating sleep disorders.