• Allspice (powder)

    A common spice of the Oriental cuisine.
  • Allspice (seeds)

    A common spice of the Oriental cuisine.
  • Anise (seeds)

    Tasty, refreshing and therapeutic.
  • Anise Star

    The star ... of cooking and pastry!
  • Basil

    Has antiseptic activity, helps with dizziness and migraines.
  • Cardamom (powder)

    Cardamom is rich in vitamin C,and prevents various diseases.
  • Cardamom (seeds)

  • Carino

    Carino is a spice mixture.It gives a delicious, slightly spicy flavor to your meals.
  • Celery (grated)

    It has digestive and toning properties
  • Ceylon Cinnamon (bio powder)

    Ceylon cinnamon is known as the best cinammon.
  • Ceylon Cinnamon (bio sticks)

    It has digestive properties and helps to relieve the symptoms of cold and rheumatism
  • Chili Habanero (powder)

    Of the hottest and most popular chilli in the world.
  • Clove (powder)

    Ideal for oral cleansing due to its fluoride content.
  • Clove (sticks)

    Commonly used by dentists as an antiseptic and pain relief.
  • Coriander (powder)

    With a delightful spicy aroma.